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From Boldlygoes

This has got to be the best sport site ever. I joined several months ago and I used to bet and lose. I tried various sites for info but ended up losing. Joined soccerlotto and bingo I win. If I just follow the site tips I reckon I am well in profit but if I take into account the info and tips advised by various other members then I am well ahead.

Thanks to everyone and I hope the winning keeps on and on.

From Holdiman:

 Well done to the SL World Cup team

Led by inspirational captain Perman, of course.

….have read most of the threads. Some great stuff; informative, factual, well researched and all very interesting.

Lots of successful bets which is always good to see. Plenty more winners by the look of it, plus of course the main site tips. Great stuff.

From Canine:

 It’s the best site of its kind by a mile with some great contributors.

Keep up the good work everyone

From EddieM:

 This is by far the best site on the net for helpful tips, info and stats.

From DaffyD:

 Can you find the collective knowledge this site offers anywhere else ??
for less than the cost of a daily paper?
And earlier…
That’s 5 out of 6 days in profit this week (no bets Thursday)

From Porta:

 And this is why I have turned into a lazy git on my footy picking!

Why bother when Permy & Holdi are this good

Big respect cheers guys

From Reeko2002:

Well in again! can’t quite believe how much money I’m making this year.
Where do I send the cigars?