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Our tips kicked off the 2013/14 season with eight winning days in a row. In May, 2013, we received this from our subscriber Mr. B. Aspinall:

Aproximately two and a half years back I posted that through one year on this site following the site tips and keeping records, I recorded my profit for a whole season which was in excess of £30k.

Since then that has been bettered. Obviously the stakes have been increased due to my staking plan but on a points basis this season (2012/13) I am well over 100 points up in profit from this site. I don't subscribe to any other tipping website. Firstly, a bit of background which hopefully will demonstrate that I know what I am talking about. When Betfair was launched many years ago, I was in very early and built a large arbing team which today still survives though I am not involved with it on on a day-to-day basis. I have regular contact with the person who now runs it.

The reason I mention this is that arbing taught me discipline and changed my view on gambling. I was never a big gambler - I just liked a punt on football like most on here: £5 on a fancy etc etc.
I discovered Soccerlotto by accident and decided to monitor the tips with a view to following the selections. I monitored all the selections for a full season and in that monitoring season it returned the equivalent to 90 points plus profit from the singles.

From that first season I have never looked back I devised a staking plan and stuck to it. The plan was simple:

7.5% of bank on bankers
5% on naps
2% on any other single
2% on anything I fancied (which probably amounts to 20 bets per year).

For the last 4 years (A year starts after the Champions League final and runs to the end of the following years Champions League Final) I have never failed to make less than 100 points from this site. The last 3 years' points:

2009/10: + 174
2010/11: + 107
2011/12: + 233. (Barrow tipped to win the FA Trophy at 40/1 lol )

I now don't use the above plan and do the simple 5% of bank on all selections. Currently, the points profit coming to this year end (2012/13) stands at 181.

This site will produce a profit if you do things right at your end. It's a long haul which requires discipline but I have been around gambling long enough to know why this site works - it looks for VALUE in prices.

–Barry Aspinall - UK

Mr. Aspinall subsequently confirmed that the longest losing sequence for our bankers in those four years was five (which had occurred once in 2010/11) and that there had been just three losing runs of four in that period. He has also confirmed that the most which his bank was down at any one point was 30%.

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