Here’s a selection of the some of the praise was have received since we switched to being a subscription site, charging not £25 or £35 a month like some but 80p a week!




This has got to be the best sport site ever. I joined several months ago and I used to bet and lose. I tried various sites for info but ended up losing. Joined soccerlotto and bingo I win. If I just follow the site tips I reckon I am well in profit but if I take into account the info and tips advised by various other members then I am well ahead. Take today as an example Davkel gives the info on injuries on the Arbroath match so I have a good few pound on that and its more cash in the bag. I used to bet before I joined this site but it was hit and miss, now I go and bet with reliable information and stats to back it up. just wish I had joined up sooner. As a bonus I also get info on other sports I would never have considered betting on, Non League footy, Footy from places ive never heard of, horse racing(thanks Neco, Paula and DaveBlake) and even rugby. Thanks to everyone and I hope the winning keeps on and on.





Well said, Boldly.

One of the main differences between this and some of the other sites imo is "respect".

Some of the stuff you read elsewhere is either immature, downright insulting or just plain garbage, plus a few other things.

Not that we`re all squeaky clean - I`m sure Perman wouldn`t want it that way - but we do tend to treat each other like grown ups with a good sense of humour, bizarre as some of it may be





You certainly hit the nail on the head there Boldly, a truly great site, with a site full of celebrities who are only to willing to pass on their vast knowledge of so many different sport's betting, thank you Soccer Lotto




I agree - only been here a few weeks but what a cracking site Laughing




During the World Cup, we did a detailed preview of all 64 games on a day-by-day basis…..



Derry Boy: Really enjoying the daily write-ups Permy, I’m sure everyone appreciates the efforts.

DB Very Happy


Slayer: Hear hear....don't always agree but must-read stuff Cool


Dave Blake: Im still waiting for the day he branches out into horse racing


Perman: Long wait, then! No need, anyway, given the quality in the Horse Racing Forum.

Cheers DB.

That Togo National Anthem eh? So good they played it twice!


GeeGee: Yes, I'm enjoying your write-ups as well,  Perman. Excellent stuff.







Well done to the SL World Cup team

Led by inspirational captain Perman, of course Smile.

….have read most of the threads. Some great stuff; informative, factual, well researched and all very interesting.

Lots of successful bets which is always good to see. Plenty more winners by the look of it, plus of course the main site tips. Great stuff.




This week Aussie bets I staked £100 and on hills i am awaiting a payout of
£854.74 ,only BALCATTA let me down for a return of £3500, so they cost me
£2700. still a nice return .THIS was 3 x 8 selections for folds.


I had a nice return I took PERMAN’S singles plus teams in accas 1&2 to give me a total of 8 selections,i placed with betfred 56x£1 fivefolds,28x£1.25 sixfolds, 8x£1 sevenfolds, £1 eightfold. Total stake £100.
Only CRYSTAL PALACE let me down for six grand, still i got £1687.39 return.



Derry Boy: (on our new Double Result Tables):


absolutely brilliant.

great work all.

DB Very Happy





It’s the best site of its kind by a mile with some great contributors. Keep up the good work everyone





This is by far the best site on the net for helpful tips, info and stats.





Can you find the collective knowledge this site offers anywhere else ??
for less than the cost of a daily paper?


And earlier…


That’s 5 out of 6 days in profit this week (no bets Thursday)




What we don't want this board to become is a slagging match every week between rival fans (leave that to the Betfair forumites). There is plenty of ribbing and mickey-taking ie: Fun.

If you're after well-researched, well thought-out tips from like-minded people under no pressure from editors or whatever, then this is the best there is.


And later…. For £40 a year it’s almost ridiculous Cool





...absolutely brilliant PM with the site singles all coming up AGAIN !!!

Had all four site singles in an acca and mixed in with a couple of Holdi's and DB's NAP.

988 points profit coming on top of 1200 points profit on June 17th - nuff said Very Happy





And this is why I have turned into a lazy git on my footy picking!

Why bother when Permy & Holdi are this good

Big respect cheers guys



Imnot Athletic: 


Never had a bet on Aussie football before I found your site, fantastic stuff both from yourself as well as Holdi and DaveB. At this rate I'll need to buy a bigger wallet. Laughing





Well in again! can't quite believe how much money I'm making this year. Where do I send the cigars? Very Happy





I have had a very busy week and have not been able to study form.
I had my biggest win of the season yesterday with the Site Tips. Brilliant





Why start a new thread, eh ? This week (9th July) :-

14/20 correct (incl two-ways) from teams noted
- an all correct (draws) two-way treble with Hill`s
- an all correct 5 team acca
- 4/5 correct in trebles with Hill`s





Absolutely. There were so many good tips here this weekend it would be incredibly unlucky for any member not to have made a profit.

Great stuff Perman Very Happy



Tsam: Been away golfing for the day. What a nice suprise this evening. GREAT!!
Many thanks Perman/Holdi/Blakey & Oz
A great big £869 Profit !!!!!!!.
Morley & Richmond let me down for the potential "BONANZA".
Once again this site has proved it's worth.
Tsam Very HappyVery HappyVery Happy


Bunce: fantastic boys!

Won over a grand this weekend by knowing nothing about Oz football!

Keep 'em coming!





Thanks Permy put your four suggested singles in with Swansea, Aldershot and Hull for a big acca. Nothing like a last minute winner to bring in odds of over 60 – 1.

Also had the banker double, only problem is the missus has seen the profit in the Bet 365 account !!!!!





Just received the e-mail below from sporting odds, they have now paid out
on the treble.Can I thank you for your help on this matter because I don't
think he was ever going to take my word and he did'nt seem to be able to
find the right info himself. Again, many thanks Mike Down..



Hi, Thought I’d let you know, Corals finally gave in this afternoon and
admitted being wrong!! I received profuse apologies and my winnings, all
£600 of it! Thanks for all your help and heres to hopefully a incident free weekend with the footie,




I've just received a very good news from Ladbrokes who inform me to go to the betting shop and collect the difference of £106.

I am really grateful to you and as a thankyou I am sending you the attachment file, which I hope you'll find useful….

Dear Perman


Just a line as a new member to thank you. Last week was my second week using a series of perms on classic value. Not only did I get a 20% discount but I also got 1 second divi & 1 3rd divi  totalling £297  good profit & my membership covered many times over


Best Regards




HI PERMAN (Nigel)!,


Thought you might like to know my little syndicate's OZ bet performance over the last two seasons. Stakes £23701 - win £8372 - a 35% gain on turnover. Bets were exclusively based on the site OZ tips - well done!




DB (That was sent us after the summer season of 2005. Doug B then emailed me on 28/7/06 to tell us his group were a further 3k up after following our 2006 Oz tips.



Mr P,


Just wanted to thank you for the quality of the Soccerlotto site during the Aussie season. I for one among many will be sorry to see the season end.


I posted in "Testimonial" that I was around £3,700 up recently, and after last Saturday this has risen to £6,347.88p


I appreciate all your hard work.




David (Diesel2)


Hi again

Just to say I have made a £170 profit from the Aussie soccer this weekend
thanks to you and your site.

Had two lines of 6 with three odds against shots and three odds on. All were
away wins. EVERY Odds against shot won, they were on different lines but
this is a great tribute to you.  I permed trebles and all 6 and was 1 result
off a win of £750 from a £55 stake just Croydon letting me down! (20 trebles
at 2.50)

Other line I only managed 3 from 6 and if the Doncaster game hadn’t been
abandonded I’d have profited there too!

You may not be that interested but I just wanted to say thanks



Hi Nigel,


Just a quick message to say thanks for all the hard work you and the team put in there on our behalf. I know we all appreciate it in the world of Soccerlotto, definitely without a doubt, the best site going. Not only that, it’s the members that also make it so successful & I think you guys deserve credit there where it’s due for policing and looking after the boards so well.




Hello Perman,

    Firstly, thanks for a great site. I am taking advantage of the free
trial but will almost certainly be taking up a subscription at the end of

Here's hoping that plenty of people take up a paid subscription at the end of their trials.

All the best, 


Phil Thompson


Hi Perman, I've just this minute signed up for a year's subscription. I've been accessing your site for about a year now and although I've had a bad start to the new season, I did exceptionally well throughout the Australian soccer season thanks to your information. 40 quid a year is a very reasonable fee for the amount of work you must put into this site,




As a viewer of the site for approx 3 months, i would like to congratulate
you on the excellent information provided. The fee to subscribe, when
compared against missing out on the information, is still tremendous value.

Best wishes with the venture, but considering the quality on offer, i would
be amazed if you needed it.



Eric D



Thanks Nigel I will sort that out tonight, I am glad to be coming on board.

I would miss it if not, I know its all about profits but I would also miss the "crack" .

You have done an excellent job with this and I hope you and your company go from strength to strength, you must have put in a lot of time and effort and I hope you get the rewards this deserves.

The amount of excellent info both from the site and message board members is well worth the joining fee.

                                                                   Kind regards…





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PostPosted: 02 May 2006 21:54   Post subject: Thanks to soccerlotto, tonight I've made....

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Layed...Dundee United

7 singles for various stakes

Cheers are simply the best




Our non-league coverage is second to none:


“Whitby won 2-0
Spartans 1-1

Which leads to a huge round of applause for the Permmeister for a FULL HOUSE.

Well done Permy.............Take a bow. LaughingWink



Hi Perman, been away most of the evening but had a great surprise when I was travelling home listening to the scores...lots of draws. I was unsure on my winnings untill I got in as I still wasn't sure if i'd done the right matches as I missed your email. But as they say great minds think alike and I covered the correct 15 in 1p fivefolds and sixfolds with 9/4 on all the draws. I've worked out my returns for a stake of £80 to be around £1127 so a great profit for the night. Also well done on your two way.
Perman you ARE the MAN
Once again well done EddieM


Finally, check out delight with which our guys responded to a tipping tour de force we delivered on 27/09/05. The profit from the recommended bets was over 550 points:





Really finally, here’s some response to the 2006 OZ tipping. There was actually another “Thank You” thread, but this one will do:




Note the classic SL info scrap about the all-Croatia game which nailed a 10/3 hit. “Holdiman” produces this kind of stuff on non-league games throughout the winter. “Davkel” is our fount of all wisdom on the Scottish scene – he gets the lowdown from the players – and we’ve got insider darts info as well from two guys who know the players – or play. The bookies don’t stand a chance.