This opening page simply shows you the relationship between the site's five-match-form figures and actual results in all European Cup or Champions League games since the competition started in 1955 up to May 2008. Knockout and Group games are included here. The Champs League started in the 1991/2 season.

You'll find five-match-form figures for each game in our Fixtures/Form listings just before the column showing the relative league positions of the two teams. As our KEYS to various pages explain, these figures take degrees of defeat or victory plus the current form of opponents into account. Anything between 0 and 100 is possible, but teams are nearly always somewhere between 25 and 75. The figures simply give a snapshot of current form.

The percentage figures in the three tables are not related to the home/draw/away percentage figures on the right of our Fixtures/Form guide. On the whole they show that the further ahead any team is on our scale, the more likely it is to win, with one or two interesting exceptions.

As with internationals, these games follow form more than domestic club football. One again the draw chance is greater when the away side is ahead on our form scale. If the visitors are 18 or more points up the away win is at least a 43% chance and so any price of 5/4 or higher could be value. Equally, once the home side is 3 or more points up, the home win is at least a 62% or 4/7 chance. Note that once the home side is 3 or more points up, the visitors have a less than 17% chance so they can be laid at up to 11/2 on the exchanges. The draw chance is similarly low where the home side is 13-32 points up.